Everyone can be a geek about something

Star Wars Celebration - Anaheim 2015

Star Wars Celebration – Anaheim 2015

It really is true.  Everyone can be a geek about something, or many somethings.  My interests are many.  I enjoy taking pictures of things really close up, even to the point of not really knowing what it is.  I am a huge fan of Star Wars and am so glad the franchise is back. I enjoy planning trips. I enjoy watching auto racing – NASCAR, Indy, F1 - any and all.   I enjoy watching MMA (totally respect the fitness required, could not do it myself).  I am a huge 30 Seconds to Mars fan, although Jared Leto says we are not fans, we are family… we are the Echelon. I enjoy cat videos and social media….I am ADDICTED to Pintrest.  There are so many things that I am a ‘geek’ about, I completely understand the idea of being super excited about things.

This is an interesting topic to me, generally everyone has a particular interest – it is part of what makes them who they are.  The challenge then is those that don’t understand that particular interest or pass judgement on others because of their interests.  When you find others that have the same interests as you, you become part of a community, I do not understand why others who may not have the same interest cannot respect that others do.  Now, this doesn’t mean I condone acts that may be harmful to other carbon based life forms – but frankly if you are into something and are passionate about it you should have the choice to feel that way.

planet-geekdom_favicon_128-bWhat we want to create here is a community.  A community in which it is safe to express your interest in something and share with others who feel the same.  Please note, that does not mean this becomes a place of random craziness, all topics and comments are moderated and will stay that way.  That is how it becomes and stays a safe place.

Topics we will start with are those that we have strong interest in, some older posts give a peak into those interests – Lego, cars, racing,  technology, gadgets, Star Wars, cats, Las Vegas, collectibles, Disney – really that is just a start of the VERY long list of things that we are geeks about. This will be an interesting journey from here on out, please join in and share your thoughts.

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