What is the Ultimate Geek Car?

We were recently preparing to add another vehicle to our household and so it got the juices flowing, what is the ultimate geek car?  I suppose it is all relative and HIGHLY subjective.  But, really….what would be the ultimate geek car.

Well to start off we can talk about cars that don’t actually exist yet.  For instance the self driving cars of Minority Report, iRobot and the conveyance in Demolition Man (Good day Lenina Huxley, Be Well.). Or from Total Recall – both newer and old.  The newer Total Recall the cars are floating above or beneath magnetic locked roads and give the ability to switch drivers (HOW COOL IS THAT).  The recently revealed Google self drive car  looks like a bubble version of Johnny Cab from the original 1990 Arnold version of  Total Recall.  (If you ever go to Las Vegas and go to Fashion Show Mall, as you enter from the underground parking there is a voice that says “Welcome to Fashion Show, You have parked in the red/blue/green/yellow parking”, so very Johnny Cab – please state your destination.)  If you are a Hoff fan, maybe K.I.T.T.  is something you might want – although I think I would rather have Jarvis.

Back to reality….today there is geek support behind most cars/manufacturers/automobiles.  There are Corvette clubs, Mustang clubs, Camaro clubs, Firebird/Trans Am clubs (omg, just saying Trans Am makes me feel old – “East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’, We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done. We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there. I’m east bound, just watch ol’ “Bandit” run”).  Basically any muscle car has their fans, those who spend boat loads of money restoring them.

So, what is the ultimate geek car?  If you are a gadget person with a high amount of disposable income, perhaps an electric car like Tesla is for you.  That works for someone is highly environmentally conscious as well.  Or the standard hybrid vehicle may suffice, like a Prius.   If you are of the beach type – a Thing (are they even manufactured anymore?).  VW Beetle and Bus have a huge passionate fan base as well.  So, really any vehicle could have a geek following.  Lets not get started on truck fans….

But for us, as it turns out – the ultimate geek car for us right now is a Fiat 500L.  Her name is #Hazelnutt, she is a lot of fun and she has great taste in music (Birth from 30 Seconds to Mars was the first song she played).


So what do you think is the Ultimate Geek Car, share in the comments.

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